How To Stop An Argument


Are you hitting a brick wall when it comes to disagreements with someone you love?  

Here's how to turn the argument into a peace talk:


Forcing someone to agree with you or admit they are wrong will leave you stuck in a battle you can't win.  You can yell, scream, plead, threaten, and pout... but nothing you do will get them to budge an inch.  And you're left feeling frustrated and defeated.  

If you are sick and tired of arguing without coming to an agreement, I've got three simple steps for you to turn things in your favor. 


1. Actively show that you are listening

It's more about what you are communicating with your BODY LANGUAGE than what you are communicating with your words.  Make eye contact with the person.  Wipe that scowl off your face and show with your facial expression that you TRULY CARE about what they are saying and thinking.  After all, isn't this how you want them to...

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Threatening To Leave A Relationship As A Coping Mechanism

Threatening to leave a relationship every time you argue? That was me.

I wrestled with the idea that I could disagree with someone, even be angry with them... and still love and care and want a relationship with them.  One disagreement and I would be packing my bags.

Short-term, I would feel free and liberated.  I would go do all the things I "couldn't" do because I had been in a relationship.

Long-term, I would get lonely again and come crawling back to the same relationships, over and over again.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

That's no longer how I deal with conflict in my relationships. But I remember when it was the ONLY way I dealt with conflict.

Why I Would Threaten to Leave:

Small problems can build up over time.  Whether it was because I was too infatuated to care about the problems, too busy to address them, or too confused about how to go about solving them... they would continue to built up until they exploded.  An argument would ensue, angry words...

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