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What skills do we cover?


Core Mindfulness  Skills

Are you constantly re-living things from the past or worrying about the future? 

You will learn the skills for:

 Controlling your attention and focus better

 Acknowledging feelings and thoughts 

 Letting go of judgments and distractions

 Living in the moment and doing what works

kajabi template
kajabi template


Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

Do you lash out at people you love, push people away, or desperately cling to your relationships to avoid abandonment?

You will learn the skills for:

 Communicating in a way that makes you feel good about yourself

 Improving the way other people feel about you while expressing yourself honestly

 Balancing your needs with the needs of others 

 Maintaining relationships long-term 



Emotion Regulation Skills

Are emotions constantly popping up out of nowhere, and you don't know what to do with them? Are emotions making you miserable... but you don't know how to change them?  

You will learn the skills for:

 Understanding emotions and what they are communicating

 Knowing when and how to change unwanted emotions

 Increasing positive emotions and acting on values

 Managing really intense emotions

kajabi template
kajabi template


Distress Tolerance Skills

Do feelings become so overwhelming you can't stop yourself from acting on them... even if it might make things worse? 

You will learn the skills for:

 Stopping and pausing before you react

 Surviving intense emotions without giving into impulsivity

 Accepting what you can and can't change

 Building the willingness to take steps forward when you want to give up

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Join your fellow mental health warriors in learning skills for building a life worth living

Take a look at what people have said...

"I'm so grateful to have found Jade to work with as my coach. Because of her knowledge and heartfelt way of teaching DBT skills along with my own practice, I am now able to change painful emotions into productive functioning. I did not know I had the power to do so prior to learning skills with Jade. It has been a been a game changer in terms of taking hold of my mental health. Her compassion, validation, and patience have taught me how to be more gentle with myself. Jade's knowledge of and experience with DBT skills is top notch . Her teaching style for class is fun, heartfelt, and very informative. I look forward to her DBT skills training class each week!"

Masterclass Member

"Jade is a knowledgeable mental health coach. Having lived experience with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder, she has offered helpful coaching to me and several other people. She has helped me on my BPD recovery by pushing me to be the best person I can be. She has helped me strengthen my interpersonal relationships by setting a positive example for what healthy relationships look like. She has encouraged me through many BPD flare ups, and helped me challenge my distorted thoughts. I really enjoyed her DBT classes, and took a lot out of them. "

Masterclass Member

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