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"Doing the daily sheet made me aware of my patterns. Especially on how I overcame difficult situations in the past. That makes me want to do better things to get through hard emotions and keep improving myself!"

Daily Sheet User and DBT Life Member

"The daily sheet has literally changed my life. Before I started using this tool, I had 2 emotions, happy and angry. The daily sheet has given me the capability to dig beneath my 2 extremes and find a myriad of emotions that didn't exist for me. It helped me realize that I could move on to other emotions and states of mind much faster than I had previously. For such a seemingly simple tool, it is astounding the change it can produce. Quite simply one of the best recovery tools I have ever used."

Daily Sheet User and DBT Life Member

"I’ve been using a daily mood tracking sheet for around 10 days now, not consistently to be honest, but it’s really helping me to go through the days and have clearer vision and mind…  most importantly, tracking my moods… it’s not an easy task and I’m making it only few times per day, but it helped me already to discover some things about myself and also helps me to feel the passing time, which is really important for me, as I tend to feel quite lost and in chaos. Thanks, Jade, for this fantastic tool!"

Daily Sheet User and DBT Life Member

Yes, I want FREE access to the daily emotion tracking sheet!